Golden Rule – This prequel novelette, introduces the dragon guardian, protector, and partner of the Golden Assembly’s newest Custodian, Donal Draic. For seven hundred fifty years, Donal worked alongside every Custodian from Siobhan Flannery’s family line. He spent the last one hundred years working with Siobhan’s grand-aunt, Aileen Broderick. Aileen treats Donal with contempt every day, acting as if he’s a servant rather than the asset…friend…he could be.

This 14,000 word novelette is available free for people who sign up for my newsletter. It’s available at BookFunnel.


Golden Opportunity $Free – Starting a new career in your forties is hard, but for Siobhan Flannery it’s worse. After her marriage ends, she moves across the country to start anew in her childhood home. She finds out that the creatures of myth and legend are real, living hidden among the normal human world. Then she finds out that she is the last from her family line with a sworn duty to help supernatural creatures who request aid.

Now as a Custodian for the Golden Assembly, Siobhan provides aid working alongside a nearly one-thousand-year-old dragon, Donal. Donal’s your typical grumpy old man in a gorgeous package. Which means, he’s great eye candy for Siobhan, so there is at least one interesting bonus in her new job.

When her second mission goes horribly wrong, Siobhan learns that someone, or something, is hunting those she’s been charged with helping. As the serial killer’s body count increases, they have Siobhan firmly in their sights. Can Siobhan stop this murderer before he finds her and completes his self-assigned mission to rid the world of supernatural creatures? Can she do this while finding the perfect pair of jeans for her size sixteen body-or will her addiction to chocolate, Supernatural, and self-doubt destroy her before she’s even started?

Golden Opportunity is an 84,000 word urban fantasy available in at Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.

2016-822 3d render book transparent background Seas of Gold (Custodian of the Golden Assembly Book Two) $4.99 – The last year has been a little rough on Siobhan. Her marriage ended, she moved across the country, she discovered that supernatural creatures live alongside human society, and started a new career as a Custodian. A job where she provides assistance to those who seek it from her employer the Golden Assembly.

After the incidents with the Savior, Siobhan tries to maintain a low profile and allow those she loves to recuperate. That was until someone begins to organize the disenfranchised. Those who believe humans need to know the truth. Who no longer wish to remain hidden. Now someone, or something, has convinced supernatural beings to act out, a violation of the laws of the Golden Assembly. Not only do they risk exposing the supernatural world to humans, but they are risking the lives of each being who is caught acting out. When a close friend of Siobhan is injured during one of her missions, Siobhan becomes desperate to find a cure to save them. Her search will reveal the existence of a shadow organization bent on destroying the Golden Assembly, Siobhan, and everything she cares about.

As if all of that isn’t stressful enough, Siobhan finds herself the guardian of two cougar shifters and sharing her bedroom with a dragon. There is not enough chocolate in the world to help her cope with these new changes.

Seas of Gold is a 105,000 word novel available for pre-order at Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.


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