I am willing to accept review requests in the Romance, YA, Steampunk, SciFi Romance, Cozy Mystery, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy genres. I will accept review copies from large publishers, eBook publishers, and directly from requesting authors. I am happy to accept requests from independent publishers. I will refuse to accept any book in a genre not mentioned here.

While I will do my best to review your book in an expedient manner, there will be times when a delay is unavoidable. Also, please understand that I will not be able to review every book received and cannot accept every request.

I am willing to accept copies of books for review in paperback, but prefer e-ARC copies in either epub or mobi format.

I’m exceptionally honest in my reviews, so pretty please with sugar on top, don’t go sending hate mail if I give your book a bad review. I’m critiquing the book and not the author personally.

Self-Published Policy:

I am willing to consider all self-published books because I am a self-published author myself and wish to help those who choose a non-traditional path to publication. As mentioned above, please realize my review will be honest and while you may disagree, I ask that you remember it is not a personal attack on you.

Rating Scale

My rating scale is the dragon scale and is the same as Amazon or Goodreads star scale with one exception.

Five dragons – One of the best books I have ever read. This author should be on everyone’s reading list. If it’s not, how do you live with yourself?

Four dragons – Better than average read. Good plot, well-written, definitely worth spending the money to purchase and enjoy yourself.

Three dragons – An average read. It’s not good, it’s not bad. It is a book like millions of others. This is reserved for books I like, but may have some issues. I will discuss everything I love and everything I hate about the book and leave it up to the reader.

Two dragons – Meh. Not the best book I’ve ever read. Typically reserved for books with a lot of issues which I will detail to the author in a private email before publication of the review. It is worth noting that I will not pull a review because someone doesn’t like what I have to say about their book. I will only warn you before I publish it.

One dragon – Major issues, totally hate the book. This is reserved for books who have major issues. They could need to be re-edited, or developmentally edited. Whatever I find will be sent to the author prior to publication of the review.

Brain Bleach Please! – This is for books I can’t finish and need brain bleach to remove the residual memories from my gray  matter. Like one and two dragon reviews I will contact the author prior to publication. A score of BBP will give the author the deciding vote on whether or not they would like the review published.

To request a review please use the contact form and specify that the communication is about a review. I will contact you within twenty-four hours for more information and to schedule the review.