Ninja Writers Giveaway

Ninja Writers Giveaway

As many of you know, I’m active in a group on Facebook called Ninja Writers. The brainchild of Shaunta Grimes, Ninja Writers is one of the most amazing groups I have ever been a part of, especially on Facebook. There are no egos in this group, every person whether new author, self-published, or traditionally published goes above and beyond to help each other. Today, nearly forty¬†authors from the group are doing a group giveaway of free science fiction/fantasy stories. They will only be available for a week, just click on the cover images of the stories you’re interested in and follow the instructions to receive the books. My cover is in the second row, but it’s actually the cover of Golden Opportunity, not the book I’m giving away Golden Rule which has a plain boring cover designed by me and is not as graphically interesting and professional as the one for Golden Opportunity.

Golden Rule is a 14,000-word novelette that takes place just prior to Golden Opportunity and gives the reader a little insight into the over-protective grumpy dragon partner of Siobhan Flannery.

If you’re interested the giveaway is on Shaunta Grimes’ blog. I really hope you’ll all go give a few new Sci Fi/Fantasy authors a try.

V. L. Cooke