Anyone who knows me well knows I love all things paranormal. I love it so much, I collect gnomes, dragons, and fairies. It makes me easy to shop for when holidays or other gift giving occasions happen. Add to my collection, give me smelly bath stuff, or paper products and I’ll follow you around like a lovesick puppy (Yes, I’m pathetic).

One of the things I do in my novel is try to turn the stereotypical creature on its ear. My gnome looks like a surfer, my dragon’s human form is gorgeous, and my vampires don’t sparkle or drink from people’s necks. In the second book, I try to use creatures that aren’t commonly seen in paranormal/urban fantasy novels. I thought it would be fun to give a little background on the prominent characters in my novels and tell you a little about them. Some of this even my female main character doesn’t know.

So let’s start shall we?

The dragon:


Name: Donal Draic                         Age: 999                          Relationship status: Widower

His dragon form is massive, in various shades of green. His hair is black, even when in dragon form. He has emerald green eyes. Siobhan calls Donal Grumpy Dragon. He’s typically quiet and reserved, but he loses it when his need to protect is challenged. He doesn’t like being reminded of his weaknesses or failures.

The gnome:


Name: Norman (last name unknown).     Age: Unknown        Relationship status: Taken

Norman is about eighteen inches tall, with light brown hair with blond highlights. He has brown eyes.

Norman is the quintessential ladies man, a fact that boggles Siobhan’s mind on a daily basis. When he talks his language is chauvinistic and lecherous. Currently, Norman is involved with a brownie. He is also Siobhan’s personal assistant, a computer genius, and part of her family. He loves junk food and television, but hates Siobhan’s addiction to the television show Supernatural. Norman favorite mode of transportation is on a hell hound. If you want to offend Norman, make sure to ask where his pointy hat is.

A vampire:



Name: Nikolaus Schaffer                   Age: 600                 Relationship Status: Unknown

Nikolaus is Siobhan’s first solo mission. He’s approximately six feet tall, blond, with blue eyes (yes, I just made the description up because I never actually describe him in Golden Opportunity).  His enamored with literature in all forms and an aspiring author. He hates sparkly vampires and loves Siobhan’s horrible Twilight jokes.

So I’ve told you a little about some of the paranormal beings in my book, tell me a little about your favorites. What do you think needs to be seen more in paranormal writing?

V. L. Cooke

P.S. I’m getting ready to start a new blog series of author interviews. It will be starting soon so keep an eye out for it.