V. L. Cooke is an author by day and a cape-wearing crime fighter by night. She. lives in the Willamette Valley in the great state of Oregon where she spends her time rescuing cats stuck in trees wearing spandex (cats do love their spandex). As a full-time student working on a degree in psychology, V. L.’s hobbies include reading the DSM-5 to learn how crazy she might be and how crazy her family is, cooking food destined to clog the arteries of her neighbors, and fighting with her beloved, but aggressive blanket-stealing, fur baby (translation: dog). All while suffering from an extreme addiction to parentheses.

A Pacific Northwest girl from birth, V. L. loves what most people hate about it … the rain. After hitting her forties, V. L. became tired of the heroines of the books she loved being twenty years younger than she is so she set out to create a heroine for the forgotten woman. Those who are in their forties and have a lot to offer the world, even though mainstream media disagrees.

Like Siobhan Flannery, she is addicted to watching Supernatural (yes, she really does love her eye candy) and blames the show for invading her brain to the point she had no choice but to put it in her book. Currently, she is working on book two of the series and has basic plot ideas for the next four novels in the research stage. Which means more Supernatural marathons for her as … er … research. V. L. would love to hear from her fans (the two of you who aren’t family) so please feel free to contact her. She promises to do her best to respond to everyone.