So we’ve discussed branding, social media, a few things you want to avoid as part of your brand, and building a blog, now we’re up to the big lesson…blogging. Most of the authors I know blog, the biggest issue is deciding what to blog about and how often to post. Let’s start with the basics.

When it comes to the topic of blog posts, stick to your brand. My brand is a self-published author sharing their experiences as a newbie to the self-publishing world with my readers. I share links to classes that I’ve taken, shared a breakdown of my costs, even discussed reviewing, beta readers, etc. I do this for those, who were like me a year ago, learning from the ground up. I fail and I share those. I discuss my books, NaNoWriMo, and more. I try to avoid anything too personal, but I’m about to start opening myself up to those who read my blog to help connect with my readers. I tend to be very reserved, but I’m trying to overcome this tendency for the next twelve months. I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo in November and right now I’m plotting that book. I’m going to share this process with everyone in a series of posts. Whatever works for you and your brand then do it.

wishing-you-all-thehope-wonder-and-joy-that-the-season-can-bring-1Size – On the technical side of things try to keep your posts consistent. A great size is between 300 and 750 words. It reads fast, and since most of us are busy, time constraints figure into our lives.

Respect your readers – They are giving up their free time to read what you’re sharing and deserve respect.

Pick a schedule and try to stick to it – If you’re writing a multi-part series, try to remain consistent. Don’t follow my example. I screwed it up during this series.

Keep it visually interesting – Try to break up all the words with something to stimulate a person’s eyes. It means they will be more likely to read further.

Spell and grammar check – Try to have someone proofread, use spell check, and grammar check EVERY TIME YOU POST. Mistakes will get through; you can’t avoid it. I write my posts in Word, then I walk away. I have my sister read them, then I read them out loud, and amazingly mistakes still get through. Accept that you won’t be perfect, but fix them as soon as possible.

Most of all have fun! – Remember, to have fun. This is the face you share with the world and no one wants gloom and doom all the time. Yes, there will be some downers, but most people prefer a little light-hearted fun.

Homework – In the comments share your blog post. I promise to respond and follow anyone who links their blog to me. Good luck and happy blogging.

V. L. Cooke


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