BlackbirdHello Everyone,

Well, we are about at the end of another Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve made the hat trick of three NaNos three wins. This month’s word count goal was 75,000 words of book 2 in my series. The working title is Golden Seas but that is going to change thanks to my sister who thinks it’s too similar to golden shower (eww gross!). I completed book 2, plotted books 3, 4, and 5, started plotting two series set in the same world, and revised book 1. All of that made a total of slightly over 250,000 words this month.

I approved the cover for Golden Opportunity yesterday, it is perfect! Marushka at Deranged Doctor Design did an amazing job on the cover and I can’t wait to share it. I may delay the release of Golden Opportunity temporarily while I focus on the story, I want that book to be perfect so that anyone who reads it will fall in love with my girl the way I have.

I set out to write a book with a female main character who is flawed, both physically and emotionally. I wanted a character that women could relate to, one who represents a subset of the population that is often overlooked in the media. Those women who are in their forties, who are single by choice or divorced, who have no children, and who have physical flaws. They may carry extra weight, they may be a little emotionally immature, they may have spent years with a man who didn’t appreciate them and threw them out like trash. These are the women, like myself, that society ignores and it bothers me. You don’t have to have children, be married, or physically perfect to make a difference in someone’s life and that is where this series comes from.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming months. I can’t wait to see whether or not people like my work, my characters, and my world. You are all amazing.

V. L. Cooke



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